Tuesday, November 09, 2010

"Peaceful Waterfall" 36"h x 24"w ~ Up for Bid! Hudson River School A Painting a Day Landscapes by Connie Tom

I love to take what might be an ordinarily simple scene that’s so clean, and fresh and pure and that exonerates all it’s little nuances of beauty and light. The Swedish painter Anders Zorn said basically that great music is great because of simple melodies augmented by layers of complexity. This simple scene is enhanced by a beautiful sunset and the striking play of autumn light. As the deep rich colors of the sky and landscape seem to pay homage to the focus of the painting, the peaceful waterfall, there becomes something almost spiritual about it. ~ Enjoy!
This painting with 12 other Connie Tom Original Oil Paintings will be Up for Bid! Watch for it on Fine Art With Barry Chappell. Watch this Fine Art Showcase Auction starting at 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST Channel 223 on Direct TV or check your cable stations or you can watch it online at www.fashowcase.com every Thursday and either Friday or Saturday evening. Watch online for the times each week. Barry is a fun auctioneer. During the auction, you can call the number on your TV screen and put in a request for this one be shown and auctioned.

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