Thursday, November 29, 2007

"The Turning of Autumn in Yosemite Valley" ~ 11/29/07 A Painting a Day by Connie Tom

"The Turning of Autumn in Yosemite Valley" is another intense study I did of Hudson River Valley master artist Albert Bierstadt. All of the HRS masters concentrated very much on the light and the effects it has on producing the mood and atmosphere of the work. I too with my art am concerned with... does it produce the "right kind" of mood in the viewer. I take this as a very serious responsibility. Let me know what it produces in you by leaving a comment. I would love to hear from you! ~Connie

"Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God: and every one that loveth him that begat loveth him also that is begotten of him." ~ 1 John 5:1


L. Palmberg said...

You have a wonderfull way of showing light in your paintings that I would love to learn how to do. You are one of THE best painters I have seen that I can say I like evry painting you do. Keep up the great work.
Take time to smell the roses tho.


Connie Tom said...

Thank you so much, Laurie. I love the Light. It's like radiant goodness shining into the world. It lets us know that there is more to life than just our existence.

Linda Blondheim said...

This one is exceptional Connie, Well done!!!

Connie Tom said...

Thank you Linda for taking the time to write and for your kind words of encouragement.