Thursday, April 26, 2007

"The Country Awakens..." ~ 04/26/07 ~ A Painting A Day by Connie Tom


Collection of Charles Rogan ~ Perkasie, PA

"THE COUNTRY AWAKENS..." ~ 04/26/07" is an original oil painting by Connie Tom. It is the first in a brand new series of paintings entitled by the same name. It pictures an panaramic view of looking over the country hills with an early morning sunrise. The fog is still hovering over the land between the hills. The brilliant sun highlights the rims of the clouds. This beautiful painting is sure to brighten any room. ~Enjoy!


Melanie said...

I have been a huge fan of your blog and artwork for quite some time... for this reason, I had to 'tag' you on my blog - I know you are busy, but I hope you can take a second to visit my blog and see what the heck I am talking about.
Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with the world - it is so inspiring.

Jivest said...

I only found your page because Melanie left a link from her blog. Why have I been going to art galleries when such amazing work can be found right here on my PC. Your art is amazing... Quite.

Connie Tom said...

Thank you Melanie for tagging me on your blog. Yes, I will go to your blog and see your work as well. And thank you for your kind and encouraging words about my work! Connie

Connie Tom said...

Thank you Jivest for your wonderful words of encouragement. They are a blessing to me! Connie